Bakery King Brand Instant Dry Yeast for bread

Name:Bakery King Brand Instant Dry Yeast for bread
Product Type:Swelling
Swelling Type:Yeast
Package:Aluminum Vacuum Packing
Colour:light yellow
Shelf Life:24 months
Type:High Sugar Low Sugar
Certification:ISO, HALAL,HACCP,BV

Instant  Dry Yeast For Bakery 

Ingredients:Natural Yeast ( Saccaharomyces cerevisiae), Emulsifier


1. Used for fermenting all kinds of pasta, such as bread, pastry, biscuit, cakes, etc

2. Fermenting fast, pure natural and high nutrition make the bread soft, big and good taste.

Package: 100g,125g,400g,450g,500g,5kg is avaiable,in Aluminum Vacuum Packing